Friday, October 3, 2014

Condemned to Live: An Excerpt

Condemned to Live by R. Archer,  is a Novella to be published by Silver Screen Books in late October early November 2014. 

This is the first of several excerpts that Silver Screen Books will be releasing here over the next few weeks of this Novella.

Condemned to Live, named after the classic B-Movie (found in the public domain), is loosely based on the original movie.  The author took many liberties in rewriting this new version of Condemned to Live, including giving the story an all star cast of characters not found in the original movie.

(updated cover working cover)
(excerpt-working draft)
This scene takes place when Dr. Watson (yes of Sherlock Holmes) is confronted by the vampire bat creature (main character-Cromwell Harker). Copyright (c) R. Archer.

Watson blinked, as that was the only thing he could do as the great bat wings engulfed the few feet that separated himself from the beast.  He felt the wings grab a hold of him and pull him into its grasp.  He tried to scream, but it was fruitless as he no longer possessed a throat.  His last conscious moment was looking into the red evil eyes of the bat creature and seeking it spit out his larynx.
Cromwell buried his face in the hole that was Watson’s neck.   He drank deeply.  The sweet blood coursed through his veins, nourishing him.
Officer Rocker entered the foyer.   He stopped dead in his tracks.  Standing before him was the bat creature, with its back to him.  Rocker drew his pistol, already loaded to fire.  He himself was not sure of what it was he was looking at. 
The creature larger than a man with monstrous wings turned to face Officer Rocker.  It’s face and torso covered in blood.  It’s giant wings closed before it, the wings opened, letting the corpse of Watson fall to floor.  It screeched at the police man.
Rocker was scared to death now, he had never imagined anything so horrifying in his life.  The creature was a demon from a nightmare.  His hand shook, he tried to steady it at the bat creature, his finger start to squeeze the trigger, when something bizarre happened.

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