Friday, October 3, 2014

Open Call for Proofreaders has been closed

At this time we are no longer looking for Proofreaders/Slush Editors.  The positions have been filled.  Thanks to all that showed interest.  We are sorry we could not use everybody that applied for this position.  If things change Silver Screen Books will post an announcement.

Thank you everyone!


One more Proofreader/Slush Editor has joined Silver Screen Books: Russell Holbrook

We are proud to announce that-

Russell Holbrook

has been added to the Silver Screen Books team.  Russell has joined us as a Proofreader/Slush Editor.  We look forward to working with Russell, and hope he enjoys the work.  Russell is a avid reader and writer of Horror.  Hopefully we might get a submission from him sometime in the near future.

Welcome aboard Russel Holbrook!

Condemned to Live: An Excerpt

Condemned to Live by R. Archer,  is a Novella to be published by Silver Screen Books in late October early November 2014. 

This is the first of several excerpts that Silver Screen Books will be releasing here over the next few weeks of this Novella.

Condemned to Live, named after the classic B-Movie (found in the public domain), is loosely based on the original movie.  The author took many liberties in rewriting this new version of Condemned to Live, including giving the story an all star cast of characters not found in the original movie.

(updated cover working cover)
(excerpt-working draft)
This scene takes place when Dr. Watson (yes of Sherlock Holmes) is confronted by the vampire bat creature (main character-Cromwell Harker). Copyright (c) R. Archer.

Watson blinked, as that was the only thing he could do as the great bat wings engulfed the few feet that separated himself from the beast.  He felt the wings grab a hold of him and pull him into its grasp.  He tried to scream, but it was fruitless as he no longer possessed a throat.  His last conscious moment was looking into the red evil eyes of the bat creature and seeking it spit out his larynx.
Cromwell buried his face in the hole that was Watson’s neck.   He drank deeply.  The sweet blood coursed through his veins, nourishing him.
Officer Rocker entered the foyer.   He stopped dead in his tracks.  Standing before him was the bat creature, with its back to him.  Rocker drew his pistol, already loaded to fire.  He himself was not sure of what it was he was looking at. 
The creature larger than a man with monstrous wings turned to face Officer Rocker.  It’s face and torso covered in blood.  It’s giant wings closed before it, the wings opened, letting the corpse of Watson fall to floor.  It screeched at the police man.
Rocker was scared to death now, he had never imagined anything so horrifying in his life.  The creature was a demon from a nightmare.  His hand shook, he tried to steady it at the bat creature, his finger start to squeeze the trigger, when something bizarre happened.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tentative Release Schedule for October

Tentative Release Schedule for October

Silver Screen Books, an Imprint of Madwriter Press will be releasing the following
Novelettes in October 2014:

By John W. Dennehy

By G. Lloyd Helm

By R. Archer

Exact release dates are not available at this time and will posted as we draw to completion on the publication of each edition.

In addition Silver Screen Books will be releasing our first novella by R. Archer, titled: CONDEMNED TO LIVE. (Expected Release is late October of early November)

Condemned to Live, originally began as a novelette by the publisher, but has ended up as Novella. 

Illegal Aliens- October Release

G. Lloyd Helm's


to be release in October following the release of Escape from Venus.  Posted here is a working cover.  Bookmark for updates about this exciting new release from G. Lloyd Helm.

ESCAPE FROM VENUS - Coming this October

Author John W. Dennehy's -


Will be released the 3rd week of October, exact day is not known at the moment and will be posted the beginning of the 3rd week, but we here at Silver Screen Books are tentatively scheduling the release for the weekend of the 18th. 

Posted here is a working cover for this NEW Silver Screen release, bookmark Silver Screen for further updates of this upcoming novelette.  Expect excerpts and an author interview of this fantastic novel in the days to come before publication.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Silver Screen is on Horror Tree

Interesting a great deal of traffic has come from:

Which we are very pleased with, and thank who ever listed us with the publishing index.

visit the horror tree Silver Screen listing here.

John Mulpatrick joins Silver Screen Books: Position - Proof/Slush Reader/Editor

Silver Screen Books is happy to announce that John Mulpatrick has joined the Silver Screen Books staff as an Proofreader/Slush Editor.

John holds a Masters Degree in English.  We are proud to have him aboard.  He is a very private person, and we respect that.  At John's request we will not post any further bio information about our newest team member. 

Welcome aboard John, and happy reading.


Hello folks,

Sorry if we here at Silver Screen Books have not been posting the past few days.  Reason, our publisher-R. Archer has had surgery and is recovering.  Now we will be back to posting Silver Screen News and Updates as they happen.

If you have recently sent a submission please allow up to 7 business days as we catch up on submissions. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Silver Screen Books Author Bio: John W. Dennehy

John W. Dennehy is a writer of speculative fiction: Horror, Dark/Urban Fantasy, and Suspense.
His stories have appeared in Sanitarium Magazine #10 and #23, Voluted Tales Magazine, SQ Mag, and on MicroHorror. A story will be appearing in The Stray Branch and several others are under consideration. He is currently working to complete a Dark/Urban Fantasy novel, and a Steampunk novella.
John grew up in a small cottage on a lake in New Hampshire. After graduating from Pinkerton Academy, he enlisted in the U.S. Marines, serving with MALS-26 Patriots. Then he studied Creative Writing at UNC Wilmington, and earned his law degree at Suffolk University Law School. In addition to being a writer, he is a Partner at a Boston law firm. He lives in New England.

You can visit John here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

G. Lloyd Helm joins the team of Silver Screen Books!

Silver Screen Books is very excited to welcome G. Lloyd Helm, to Silver Screen with his debut novelette: ILLEGAL ALIENS

At this point we will not give any spoilers about this upcoming Novelette.

But we like to say this, it was a fun story to read, and will be the first Silver Screen Novelette to be published in 1st person.

Welcome G. Lloyd Helm!

Bookmark for updates concerning this fantastic author and the novelette: ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Open Call for Proof/Slush Readers

Silver Screen Books is looking for you!

If you love to read, love the old B-Movies then Silver Screen Books WANTS YOU!!

Due to a high volumn of submissions:

We are looking for 2-4 Proofreaders/Slush Readers (Beta Readers) to read submissions, and approved manuscripts for publication.


Recognition:  You will be "Staffed" here at Silver Screen Books, with your own Page.  This page will be an "about me," type of page.  It will host a short bio about yourself, a pic (optional), bibliography of works that you have proofread (published only).  Personal links: i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Website etc,.  In addition, there will be links posted to your reviews of works proofread at Silver Screen.

Additional payment is you will be credited as Proof/Slush Reader on the Copyright page of any edition/paperback that you have you read, and has been published.

A contributor ecopy (kindle, mobi or pdf), and paperback copy. 

At authors discretion, the author may credit you on any "Dedication Page," in either edition or paperback.

You will be required to write a review of any beta copy forwarded to you.
Additionally you will be required to sign a "Non-Disclosure Agreement."

This is a great opportunity for an Indy author, Indy reviewer, or somebody that just loves to read great fiction.*

*Silver Screen Books makes no promises as to the quality of work read that is consider slush or submission work.  We hope with a few readers on staff we will find some great ones!

Title email:  READER

Thank you!

New Video Trailer: Coming Soon

Silver Screen Books will be releasing a NEW VIDEO trailer for its latest up coming release of-


Beelzebub Attacks, is the second novelette to be released by Silver Screen Books. Authored by 
R. Archer.

We expect the video trailer to be released this week or first part of next week, and are looking at having Beelzebub Attacks published in kindle hopefully by the 1st of October!    

NOTE TO READERS & AUTHORS:  Following the release of Beelzebub Attacks, will be the release of author, JOHN W. DENNEHY's debut Silver Screen NoveletteESCAPE FROM VENUS or Sloughing in Hesperos


Silver Screen Books listed with DarkMarkets

Was pleased to discover in backtracking traffic to the site, that SILVER SCREEN BOOKS has been listed with DARK MARKETS.  Please visit the listing.

Silver Screen Books is on the Grinder

Checking into the sources of traffic that comes to Silver Screen Books, discovered that Silver Screen Books has been listed on the Grinder.  Please visit the page at:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Silver Screen Book listed with Duotrope Listings

Silver Screen Books was pleasantly surprised to find itself added today to DUOTROPE.COM  At first we thought it was junk mail slipped through our spam filter.  But upon investigation we were surprised to be included in this listing of book publishers. 

To view our listing page at Duotrope, please visit

Sunday, September 21, 2014


This is a working cover for the Novelette, SLOUGHING IN HESPEROS, by author

Coming in October!

John Dennehy joins Silver Screen Books with SLOUCHING FROM HESPEROS



John will be writing 2 more additional Novelettes for Silver Screen Books, available in both kindle and paperback over the next year.  We look forward to seeing what this amazing author will grace Silver Screen with in the future.

Readers can expect to get their hands on, Slouching from Hesperos, this October!  Available in both Kindle & Paperback!

Bookmark SILVER SCREEN BOOKS for updates, excerpts, promotions, and news about


In addition we hope to have an interview with the author posted very soon!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Billboard II: Condemned to Live

Coming Soon in Paperback: The THING from the Other Dimension

Our Paperback proof copy of, The Thing from the Other Dimension has arrived from the printer.  We will be making available Autographed copies of this paperback very soon here at Silver Screen Books.  Thus saving the reader some money compared to purchasing elsewhere online.  The Paperback will retail at $5.99 plus shipping and handling charges.   Silver Screen Books, will offer the autographed copy of this novelette for $5.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.  USD USA only.  Silver Screen will have a link for purchase available soon, as well instructions for international readers.

Bookmark for Updates.

Billboard Promotion: CONDEMNED TO LIVE

Coming this October, just in time for Halloween.  A Vampire Tale as never told before.  This tale is based loosely upon the Silver Screen classic, Condemned to Live.  A movie which has fallen into the public domain.  Kindle & Paperback versions will be available.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Story Ideas: Using the Public Domain for Silver Screen Novelettes

Silver Screen Books high encourages contributing writers to reference the many B-MOVIES found within the PUBLIC DOMAIN for brainstorming and feeding the muse.

The public domain is a great source for finding story ideas for B-Movie themed plots.  In fact, Silver Screen would be very interested in seeing rewrites of B-Movies found in the public domain.  There are many reasons for this, as these movies highlight the types of stories we are looking for.  A bit on the zany side, with crazy titles and scenes.  Adding a bit of humor to the tales, subtle, dark, and tongue in cheek is a plus.

If your a writer with an idea for a rewrite of a public domain B-Movie, please email a synopsis of your pitch to:  We would love to read it, consider it, and possibly contract your work if it meets the requirements.

A great website for Silver Screen brainstorming:


Silver Screen Books now has it's own domain name, please BOOK MARK & SHARE:


Monday, September 15, 2014

Please LIKE the SILVER SCREEN Facebook Page

You can find SILVER SCREEN BOOKS on Facebook.  Please stop by and give us LIKE, it would be greatly appreciated.

Silver Screen has a new editor on the Staff

Silver Screen is proud to announce that Lisa Lowe, has joined the editorial staff of the Silver Screen Imprint of Madwriter Press.  We are very happy to have her aboard with us here at Silver Screen.  Lisa hails from Australia and is an avid reader and lover of literature.

A note on Coming Attractions

ATTACK OF THE GIANT BLOOD SUCKERS, has been put on hold for a few weeks, due to a computer malfunction.  The near completed manuscript was lost in the crash, the author is now regrowing the hair pulled out after the crash.

SILVER SCREEN expects to release a New Novelette here next week, after the Launch of the Paperback Edition of The THING from the Other Dimension. 

Info and details regarding the new Novelette to be released will be made available over the next few days.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Thing from the Other Dimension currently at #50 in top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy

The THING FROM THE OTHER DIMENSION is currently picking up some steam and has bumped up to #50 on the Science Fiction/Fantasy Best Seller List.  Help us by sharing this post.