Friday, September 12, 2014

The Thing from the Other Dimension officially a Science Fiction/Fantasy Best Seller before its scheduled launch/release

We here at Silver Screen are surprised, pleased, and a bit shocked that our premier Silver Screen Imprint: THE THING FROM THE OTHER DIMENSION is already a "Official" Amazon Best Seller (within the top paid 100).   It would seem that fans and interested readers have already found the URL for the kindle copy before being announced and starting purchasing copies.

In some ways we are tickled silver to have a Best Seller already climbing the Science Fiction/Fantasy charts even before the Official Launch of the Novelette!

Please note: Amazon has reported the wrong number of pages, the print version is 42 pages printed.  Thus the Kindle is the same.

Silver Screen is further honored to appear with Terry Brooks, and H.P Lovecraft on the Amazon Best Seller List even before its "Official" launch.


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