Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Story Ideas: Using the Public Domain for Silver Screen Novelettes

Silver Screen Books high encourages contributing writers to reference the many B-MOVIES found within the PUBLIC DOMAIN for brainstorming and feeding the muse.

The public domain is a great source for finding story ideas for B-Movie themed plots.  In fact, Silver Screen would be very interested in seeing rewrites of B-Movies found in the public domain.  There are many reasons for this, as these movies highlight the types of stories we are looking for.  A bit on the zany side, with crazy titles and scenes.  Adding a bit of humor to the tales, subtle, dark, and tongue in cheek is a plus.

If your a writer with an idea for a rewrite of a public domain B-Movie, please email a synopsis of your pitch to: author.rogarcher@gmail.com.  We would love to read it, consider it, and possibly contract your work if it meets the requirements.

A great website for Silver Screen brainstorming:

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